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Marie Thepaut


Trained at the Catherine Aliotta Institute of Sophrology and certified RNCP since 2015, I treat adults, adolescents and children for complete care adapted to their specific needs.

I am also specialized in perinatal support which includes preparation for childbirth, assistance with medically assisted procreation and after birth support.

I have also obtained a psychology degree and have been receiving psychotherapy for several years, which allows me today to understand and analyze the needs of each person as well as possible and to provide an appropriate response.


Each person is unique and must be accompanied in a personalized way in order to facilitate the development of their own resources to help them to improve a situation, manage a difficulty or prepare for an event.


You will find all the relevant informations on my website

as well as how to book a free initial consultation to answer your questions about sophrology and find out how it can meet your needs by clicking  here .

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