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Camille Bey

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State graduate in France since July 2015, I worked for a few months in a SAAAS (Service for Assistance in the Acquisition of Autonomy and Schooling), as well as a few months in an EHPAD (elderly people) before work for 5 years on a new SAAAS and in a private practice. 

I am therefore particularly trained in accompanying children with learning disabilities or with psychomotor development delays of various origins, as well as in accompanying children with sensory impairment (specialized in visual impairment). I am also trained in the SNOEZELEN approach: a multisensory approach aimed at exploring the senses, as well as psycho-corporal well-being through its sensoriality.  

I am moving to London in October 2021 and working in the French Cabinet as well as in French schools.


Prices :

  • Psychomotor assessment: £250 (between 2 and 3 hours)

  • Adult assessment (from 17 years old): £220 (between 1h and 2h)

  • Sessions: £70 for 45 minutes

More informations :

Contact me :

                 +44 7561 478722

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