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Elina Dubois


Psychologist with a degree in clinical psychology of children and adolescents from the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc, I am joining the Cogito'z team to put my integrative approach into practice. 


My theoretical field of reference, rich in the diversity of my background, relates to both cognitive and behavioral approaches, neurosciences, systems and process approaches. Throughout my treatment process, the focus is on the patient's needs and requests, leading me to a global approach in order to support you as best as possible 


I thus offer psychological follow-ups, but also psychological assessments of children and adolescents (ADD/HD diagnosis and WISC AND WAIS type psychometric tests).


I also offer consultations and perinatal follow-up. Having carried out several studies related to the issues surrounding pregnancy and the postpartum period, it seems to me necessary to offer women a space to speak about this period of life that is both marvelous and frightening. Perinatal psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with the mental health and well-being of babies and mothers from the desire to have a child, through pregnancy, childbirth and finally the period of post- partum.

Thus, the perinatal support consultation is aimed at future parents and young parents who may encounter all types of questions and difficulties in their becoming or not becoming parents. 


Finally, I also offer follow-up sessions for adults. It happens to everyone the possibility in our life to encounter difficulties and the meeting with a psychologist tries to meet this need for support by offering you time for yourself. I thus offer you a place and a space of words where all the problems can be expressed

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